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How ready are they for primary school?

kids gps watchSeeing your child in school uniform for the first time must have had your heart melting to the floor. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch them grow up. Unfortunately this blissful feeling comes with a peculiar kind of distress- one only a parent will understand.

Maybe you are scared your child doesn’t make friends, or has a horrible teacher, or absolutely despises school? Don’t fret, it’s completely natural to have these overwhelming feelings! They will fade in due time. But until your nerves have settled, read these 4 tips on getting your kid ready for their first day in the big world.

  1. Put them in control

Now is the perfect time to teach your child about etiquette and self-discipline. It’s normal to put her clothes out for her, or prepared her breakfast, but she has to experience the joy of doing things on her own! Let her get dressed by herself, carry her own schoolbag and, if possible, let her try do her own hair. This journey is vital for the development of routine and order.

  1. Pack healthy

It is extremely important for your child to have a healthy diet. Starting school is a very big step- it is physically and mentally demanding. Having nutritious meals and snacks will boost your child up enough for him to remain focused, energetic and happy. Honey, almonds, peanut butter, high protein foods, water and fruit are exceptionally important. Don’t let your kids get hooked on sugary, unhealthy snacks! One, small treat a day is enough. View a few creative ways to pack your child healthy lunches!

  1. Know where they are

If you feel that your child is too young to have a cellphone, but you worry about where she is and if she is okay, invest in a GPS Kids Watch. This is not a stalking mechanism, nor does it go against the notion of freedom and trust. It is a safety mechanism that she can have on her whenever you feel necessary, like on a school outing or at a friend’s birthday party in a busy mall. See all the benefits of a tracker watch and get one for your child today.

  1. Be there

The whole first week, maybe even month of school, he is going to come home as excited as a hyper monkey. Even if you have had a long day and all you want to do is rest in dim light and quiet surroundings, make sure he knows that his happiness and excitement is noticed and appreciated by you. Ask a ton of questions, laugh at things that aren’t so funny, and most importantly, listen attentively to anything he has to share. The happier he is to go to school and to achieve, the better he will handle school in later stages!


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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gifts for Men

VR Shinecon 360 Gear

Clip your smartphone into our popular VR glasses and enjoy hours of fun. This is a fantastic gift for men who, ultimately, are still boys who love toys!

Price: R399.00

VR Shinecon 360 gear


Any man in your life will appreciate lying down on a Lay-Bag on the beach, in the garden or by the pool with an ice cold drink! Easy to set up and with the ultimate comfort provided, the Lay-Bag is definitely recipe for gift success.

Price: R399.00


Christmas Gifts for Women

La Mené Straightening Brush

All woman have been raving about straightening brushes. Why not buy the special lady in your life a La Mené Straightening Brush and watch her turn her hair into a picture-perfect style.

Price: R 799.00

La Mené Straightening Brush

MC Mini Jumpstarter Pack

These nifty, sleek mini jumpstart packs are a perfect gift, especially for women who travel alone. Let your lady carry one of these in her handbag and she will stay safe for sure!

Price: R599.00

MC Mini Jumpstart Pack

Christmas Gifts for Kids

iGlide Hoverboard

Yes, hoverboards are still on plenty of kids’ Christmas wish lists! Let them glide into the new year smoothly with one of these super fun toys.

Price from: R4299.00

iGlide Hoverboard

Quad Copter Drone

These very fun-to-play-with drones are safe to fly in and out- doors. Kids can have fun for hours on end with these toys!

Price from: R700.00

Quad Copter Drone

View Exclusive Brands Online’s Festive Deals

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You’re getting an iGlide this Christmas, here’s what You can do on it.

V3 iGlideGetting around your home, workplace or even your city in iGlide style has been viewed with equal parts of curiosity, awe and maybe a little confusion – but since they’ve taken their initiative to the streets, they’ve been making good on their promise to revolutionise the way we get about (at the steady pace of between 10km and 20km).




Now that they’ve taken things off-road with the V3 iGlide, however, a whole new world of fun and games have opened up. So, you’ve decided to get an iGlide, or you’re getting one for Christmas from your parents – whatever the case may be, you know you’re going to be having a ton of fun and probably want to find out what other people have been using theirs for. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • iGlide Polo

Yes, it’s sort of like horse polo – the only difference being that you’ll be mounted on self-balancing hovering boards instead of actual horses. Feel free to check out the Woz Challenge Cup if you’d like to get a better idea.

  • Going off-road

If you’re in the market for a V3 iGlide, then you’re in for some off-road carnage. As its wheels are thicker, it’s the ideal version for the road less travelled. You’ll also get the added bonus of cruising around in the dirt on a machine with a crazy paint job. Take a look, you’ll see what I’m talking about…

  • Race

Of course, you don’t need a fancy game to have fun – obliterate the competition in a good old fashioned race – take your iGlide to the ‘track’ and compete. Doing your victory lap (standing in style) is mandatory.

  • Take them with you on your hobbies

Be it golf, sight-seeing or anything that requires you to physically go somewhere, doing so on an iGlide can make things so much easier. Whenever you feel like you’re over picnicking, or simply get tired of the view, break out your iGlide and cruise on home.

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Hoverboards are a Hot Trend, but they Shouldn’t be Exploding!

HoverboardThe self-balancing scooter, popularly known as the hoverboard, is an on-going sensation all over the world. Even though these trending boards don’t necessarily “hover”, they do definitely keep kids and even adults entertained for hours.

Unfortunately, the buzz surrounding the gliding boards was not the only thing that set alight. Much of the excitement that has been created by the self-balancing scooters has been dampened by all the stories about the exploding hoverboards.

Some hoverboards began to explode. In the few recorded cases, there were no real similarities between the incidents; some burst into flames while being ridden and others exploded while being plugged to a charger.

Why do the self-balancing scooters explode?

The cheaper rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are prone to defects. With the rising popularity of the boards, the supply and demand increased. Hoverboard manufacturers in China began using the cheaper batteries to lower the board costs. Unfortunately, even a few well-known brands fell victim to the woes of the cheaply manufactured batteries to take advantage of the hoverboard craze and add heat to the market competition.

Many cheap brands are still flooding the market with their cheap components, which, unfortunately, sheds a bad light on the actual legitimate manufacturers and suppliers.

The bad quality hoverboards are not an overall reflection of Chinese manufacturing. High-quality products such as Apple products are flown from China to all over the world. However, factories in China has become infamously known to produce “cheap knock-off” products as soon as there’s a trend in the market.

How do you purchase a quality self-balancing scooter?

  • Only purchase boards that have LG or Samsung batteries
  • Buy from a trusted manufacturer that used high-quality components
  • Avoid overcharging your battery
  • Check reviews to make sure that other customers are satisfied with the quality of the scooters
  • Make sure the retailer has a reputable online presence

Our IGlide won’t explode!

Exclusive Motor Sport’s self-balancing scooters do not explode! We supply our self-balancing scooters with quality LG batteries. We offer a 12-month guarantee, a 7-day refund and repairs on our IGlides.- T’s and C’s do apply. Read more about our returns and repairs here.

Contact us for a quote today.

Read more about the exploding hoverboards:



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Why are Hoverboards so Popular?

iglideIGlides, commonly known as hoverboards or self-balancing scooters, are growing in popularity throughout the country. Many are questioning why this gadget has become such a craze, and so quickly. Here are a few reasons.

  1. It’s a form of transportation.

As a student who has to walk to school or college continuous walking over long distances can get rather tiring - resulting in getting to class sweaty and with sore feet. The hoverboard is a motorised “skateboard” that allows you to hop on, relax, and get to where you need to be.

  1. It’s cheaper than a scooter, motorbike, or any other transport.

The iGlide V1 costs only R6500 and is often on special for even less. To view our current specials visit:

The V3, while slightly more expensive, has inflatable wheels allowing you to travel both on and off-road and sells for only R9500. (Currently on special for only R6950.)

  1. It’s trendy.

The hoverboard has been used by numerous celebs across the globe which has helped this cool gadget to grow in popularity. In fact, rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested for refusing to get off of his hoverboard at an airport.

  1. They’re easy to use.

No training, skills, or license is required to ride this board. Due to easy speed changes and safety features the iGlide can be ridden by anyone, safely. Simply climb on, and lean in the direction you want to move in and the board will take you there – balancing itself.

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The Difference between the V1 and V3 iGlide

HoverboardThere is a significant price difference between the iGlide version 1, and the latest version, and, while essentially they do the same thing, there are a few notable differences. Where you want to adventure to will determine which of our iGlides is right for you.

Firstly, all of our iGlides come with a 12-month warranty and are installed with a trusted LG battery – so safety and product problems are not something you will need to worry about.  With both products, the hover board automatically switches off as soon as control is lost to ensure safe and stable driving.

Now let’s look at what separates the V3 from the V1 – the main difference is the wheel size and type. The V1 has a 6.5-inch wheel, while the V3 has a bigger, 10-inch wheel. The V3 also has inflatable tires allowing it to be used both on and off-road and making it the ideal hover board for those who like to take the path less travelled.

Here is a table showing some of the other differences between the two models.



Net weight 10kg

Net weight 13.5kg

Maximum cruising speed 15km/h

Maximum cruising speed 20km/h

Pedal height 110mm

Pedal height 270mm

Chassis clearance 30mm

Chassis clearance 70mm

The V3 iGlide is clearly the tougher, rugged option for the outdoor-loving person. The wheels are bigger, tires are fit for off-road travelling, and the hoverboard is bigger and stands higher. This is not to say that the V1 is not a good choice – the V1 is the perfect choice for city-orientated users who are more likely to be cruising along tar roads and cement surfaces.

The V3 does, however, come in much funkier colour options with a choice of black, graffiti, or carbon fibre patterns. The V1 comes in solid colours of red, green, blue, and silver.

For more information on the different versions of our IGlide self-balancing scooter please visit our website.

V1 –

V3 -

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Why should You Buy our IGLIDES?

graffiti IglideHoverboards, or self-balancing scooters if you’d prefer, have taken the South African market by storm. Last December, hoverboards sat under countless Christmas trees and today, kids, teens and even adults continue to enjoy them!

Hoverboards come in different colours shapes and sizes with different features and add-ons. Knowing which hoverboard to buy can be a little bit of a tricky decision to make, especially after faulty, low quality, bad brand scooters were shipped around the world from china.

Why Should You Buy Our IGLIDES?

Easy To Drive

Although the boards look complicated to drive, gliding is really simple once you get the hang of it.

The board basically consists of two pieces – both with their own wheels- attached with a hinge; this enables the two components to rotate indecently of each other. There are pressure-sensitive pads on both components that the user steps on. By applying pressure to the pads, they can control the direction they go in and speed they move at. The touch pads are sensitive, yet provide adequate balance and movement.   

Supports Up To 130kgs

Quality boards, such as the ones Exclusive Motor Sports provide, have a maximum weight limit of 130kg, which means that people of all ages can enjoy the hoverboard experience.

On-road and Off-road Options

When it comes to any mode of transportation, tyre size is important. Hoverboards do not have very big tyres; however, the tyres should not be too small as this could make travelling on uneven surfaces difficult. 170 mm is ideal for hoverboards, especially if you are wanting to push its speed to the limit and stay balanced on even roads.  

If you do want a faster, more powerful scooter, consider purchasing the IGLIDE V3 10’’. This particular hoverboard has tyres that are 255mm and it reaches 20km per hour; it is especially ideal for off-road riding.

Quick Charging

The IGLIDE only takes 1 to 2 hours to charge – that’s less than most cell phone batteries!

High Max Mileage

The IGLIDE can ride about 20 to 30 km at a time after being fully charged. The max mileage is 30 km. This goes for the IGLIDE V1, V2 and V3.

Safe Speed

Speed is definitely a make or break when it comes to any mode of transport. Unfortunately, because of the structure of hoverboards, too much speed can be dangerous. Hoverboards can push speeds of anywhere between 10 to 20 km per an hour; however, the IGLIDE V3 can push 20 km per an hour, which is ideal for those of you who like to glide through the air at a faster speed.

Extra Features

To break further into the market, IGLIDES have added features to make them, well, more awesome. Whether it is the paint job, such as graffiti, or Bluetooth, such as the IGLIDE V2 Bluetooth, our boards are made to be ridden in style.

Trusted Battery & Warranty

Most importantly, our hoverboards have a li-ion trusted battery, which means that they will not explode, and offers a warranty.

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Your Top 10 iGlide Questions Answered

Regardless of your age, the iGlide is one of those must-have toys to have, something you’d really like to receive as a present or even purchase yourself – whether you’d want to admit it or not. However, you may have a few questions needing answers to ensure that what you’re purchasing is exactly what you’re expecting.

Surely, you’ve had one of the following questions in the back of your mind, and we’re here to answer them!

  1. How do you balance on the iGlide?

Sensors and a gyroscope are used to rotate the wheels, while the gyroscope balances the scooter. You don’t need to be an expert at balancing, the scooter does it for you.

  1. How does it move?

You don’t need to do anything special, just rotate your feet in the direction of where you’d like to move, and lean your body either forward or backwards – depending on the direction of your movement.

  1. How fast can it go?

For your own safety, the maximum cruising speed is between 15km/h and 20km/h

  1. Is it safe for children?

Due to the reasonable maximum speed limit, as well as the electricity switching off as soon as you lose control, it’s a must-have gift for any adventurous child.

  1. Why is it commonly known as a hoverboard?

Even though you’re touching the ground with the wheels, it gives the illusion of your body hovering above the ground.

  1. Rumour are, they can ignite?

Exclusive Motor Sport uses high-quality LG batteries which do not explode – compared to our competitors.  We also offer a 12-month guarantee, and a 7-day refund or repair. T’s & C’s apply.

You can read more here: Hoverboards Are A Hot Trend, But They Shouldn’t Be Exploding!

  1. How much does it cost?

We currently have specials on for R4999 (iGlide V1) and R6950 (iGlide V3)

You can find them here: Exclusive Motor Sport Specials

  1. Is the iGlide heavy?

Depending on the type of iGlide, the net weight is between 10kg and 13.5kg, making it easy to transport.

  1. What’s the weight limit on the iGlide?

The maximum load weight is 130kg – making it suitable for just about anyone wanting a new toy.

  1. How long does it last after being charged?

After being fully charged, you can ride 30km before you have to recharge it – making it great for an adventurous outing.

red iglide

Now that all of your burning questions have been answered, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time you treat yourself to the infamous iGlide? For more information on our trendy selection of iGlides, visit Exclusive Motor Sport

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Set up the Perfect Picnic this Summer.

Lay Bag Whether you’re setting up an outside picnic, taking a few friends on a hike or just spending some time next to the pool, you’re better off exploring the outdoors than staying huddled up indoors while the sun is out this summer. The only question is… who’s going to carry all the stuff?

It’s no secret that organising outside get-togethers or attending music festivals in the sun really only has one downside – getting your picnic blankets and pillows there and back without burning more calories than you’re willing to part with.

While commissioning two or three of your friends to help carry blankets and pillows outside has served us well in the past, we usually just end up worrying about the shape they’ll be in once the day is over. It’s safe to say that we are in desperate need of a substitute of sorts.

Taking a Lay-Bag on your outside adventures usually saves you the trouble of taking your favourite blanket outside, or spending way too much of your day setting up the perfect outside nook. All you have to do is trap some air in this inflatable sofa and you’ll be chilling out in style – be it while watching a live band, drifting blissfully on the pool with a Margarita or comfortably finishing the last few pages of the book you’ve been reading while enjoying the great outdoors.

Your day off really did just get way, way easier!

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How to Convince Your Parents that iGlides are Safe

hoverboardsDo all your friends already have hoverboards? You may see kids and teenagers glide through the streets, malls and parks on the futuristic hoverboard and wish that you could have your very own.

Some parents are reluctant to buy their kids trending hoverboards mainly due to the fact that some of the cheaper, unreliable makes have a reputation of exploding. We, however, have the latest and safest hoverboards for sale and we might be able to help you convince your parents to buy you one!

So, the next time you try to convince your parents to buy you an iGlide, here some hard, true facts to hit them with:

All iGlides Come With A Trusted LG Battery

If you take the iGlide apart and look at the tidy block of batteries, you will find the reputable LG brand on the battery pack. The iGlide’s Li-ion battery 36V, 4.4AH ensures safe charging and absolutely no exploding, as opposed to cheaper, less reputable brands.

Also read Hoverboards Are A Hot Trend, But They Shouldn’t Be Exploding!

We Provide Solid, Safe Chargers

You have obviously heard about many cheap hoverboards exploding while on charge; we can promise that this will never happen to an iGlide. We guarantee solid chargers that are specifically manufactured to fit the LG batteries. We don’t compromise original quality components for cheap counterparts, so rest assured that iGlides charge safely.

The Actual Board Is Made With Care

The iGlide is comprised of two separate parts that are attached together in the middle. You might expect this to be a very messy, complicated setup, but the wires and connectors of these two separate parts are safety insulated and protected. The perfect setup enables easy, controlled balancing of both parts of the board.

The iGlide Is Comprised Of Smart Bits

The iGlide is carefully made to ensure that the board does not drive away without you. You need to firmly plant your feet on the two parts of the board so that the smart sensors on the board move in the direction you lean your weight. For boards such as the iGlide v3 10’’, you can move as fast as 20 km per hour; for boards such as the iGlide v1 6.5’’ & v2 Bluetooth, you can reach a maximum speed of 15 km per hour.

FCC, CE and RoHS Certifications

All iGlides have FCC (Federal Communications Commission), CE (European conformity) and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Certifications; this means that Exclusive Motor Sport assures our valued customers that we comply with the guidelines for the compatibility and product & environmental safety.

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