5 Hacks to Help Keep Track of Your Child at All Times

5 Hacks to Help Keep Track of Your Child at All Times

All parents have had that fear of suddenly realising their child is no longer in sight in a busy mall of park. You know everything is probably fine, but the ‘what if’ is too dreadful to bear. To avoid this hysteria, there are precautions you can take when travelling with your young child.

  1. Have a recent photo of your child with you at all times; if you are exploring a new city take a picture of them before you leave so you can describe exactly what they are wearing. Alternatively you can dress your children the same so should one go missing you can replicate what they have on for anyone who asks; police, flight attendants etc.
  1. Write or temporary tattoo your phone number on your child’s arm. This is so that you may come to rely on the humanity and kindness of strangers, should the worst occur. You can use non-toxic permanent marker or custom print temporary tattoos with your information on.
  1. Brief your children for the day. Children should know, especially when travelling, not to dwell far and to always stay in sight. Before you leave your hotel or your home for the day, repeat it! Children can only benefit from this reminder to keep them safe. Tell them where you are going for the day and inform them as things happen as to where you are going so they know which rules apply.
  1. Have a password system. A password between you and your child can avoid insidious strangers. If you have sent someone to fetch your child from school, for example, the child will ask them for the password, if the person doesn’t have the right password the child must return to a teacher or security guard. Encourage yelling for help if the child is uncomfortable.
  1. As with many things, the only way to absolutely guarantee you know where your child is; is with the help of technology. The KGW Kids GPS Tracker Watch is equipped with:
  • GPS double positioning
  • a distress call button
  • two way microphone for emergencies
  • pedometer
  • automatic time set
  • history of movement tracker
Keep your child safe with the best the world has to offer, get a KGW Kids GPS Tracker Watch to always know where your child is and that they are safe. Your children are precious, keep track of them when you must.

6 Places that are perfect for a Laybag

6 Places that are perfect for a Laybag

The famous LayBag- it’s not one of those items that end up gathering dust in your cupboard. In fact, a LayBag is one of the most useful purchases anyone can make! Kids, parents, students; you name it. So next time you hang out at one of these 6 places, make sure to take your LayBag with you!

Any place with water.
At the pool, or even at a dam for that matter! It’s basically like having a lilo that is fit for land! Except, unlike a lilo, you don’t need to sacrifice half a lung and two hours of your life to get it blown up. Take your LayBag with you next time you hang poolside and you will be comfortable 24/7.

Grassy adventures.
We all love relaxing under the stars. So romantic. Until the grass makes your skin itchy and you realise your head is on a down-slope; and not to mention the tree root that is jabbing you straight in the kidney. Well, LayBag= problem solved.  Same goes for sunny day picnics with the family! 

Soaking in the sun.
The beach is the first and most important locations for a LayBag. We love digging our toes in the sand but let’s face it, too much sand in awkward places is enough to make you grind through your teeth. Just take a LayBag with you; no sand, no frustration, just pure bliss!

The rougher parties.
It’s the Laybag material’s durability that makes it so ideal for a festival- and the fact that it’s portable too! So, the next time you are having fun at a festival and decide you want to camp out right where you are for the next while, but you don’t want to sit on the floor, just make sure you have your LayBag with you.

Back at work.
At the office; and no, not kidding! Even if it’s just that one Friday at the work braai, your LayBag will be the centre of attention. And, if you have your own office, imagine how nice it will be to kick back in comfort for that 40 minute lunch break! You can quickly roll it back up and hide it in the drawer before your 1pm meeting.

Killing time between classes.
The worst part of a long day on campus is the 2 hour break between classes where you don’t have much to do but you don’t want to go hang out in the library. Sitting on the grass for 2 hours gets dreary and boring. Not if you have a super comfortable seating plan! Taking a LayBag to school or to campus is going to be the best thing to happen to you this year.

Get your LayBag today

10 ways to reach your 10 000 step goal quickly

10 ways to reach your 10 000 step goal quickly

10,000 steps is the daily recommendation for those trying to lose weight and stay fit. By tracking this with your C6 Fitness Band you can trace your daily exercise and reach your goals. The C6 Fitness Band is more than just a pedometer: it’s a calorie tracker, heart rate monitor, watch and it even has a call notification function. Here are 10 tips and tricks getting those 10 000 steps in, and using your fitness band to track it:

While Buying Groceries:

  1. Don’t look for the parking closest to the entrance when you go to the shops. Park as far away as possible, as counter intuitive as that may sound. This will ensure you get those few extra steps in while running your errands.
  2. When you get into the supermarket, don’t just grab the groceries you need and go. Instead, walk the perimeter and have a leisurely browse through all the isles.
  3. When you get home with said groceries, don’t see how much you can carry in one go, take the bags in one at a time. If you get bored you can race yourself and track your time to try and beat your previous time. It’s the little things, after all.
  4. If time allows, MALL WALK. Walk through the entire centre, browse shops, window shop, whatever you like; just don’t stop moving.

Pacing is Your New Best Friend:

  1. Pace, always. Pace during your evening routine; when you brush your teeth or wait for a beauty mask to dry.
  2. When you are on the phone your body compensates not interacting face to face with movement so pacing will come naturally.
  3. If you have stairs in your house, use them, they are great for pacing! And, if you need to use the bathroom, use the one upstairs one if you are downstairs and vice versa.

Get The Whole Family Stepping:

  1. Make an after-dinner walk a “family thing.” This will help your food digest, help family sleep better, and you can even take your pets along!
  2. Play outside with the kids. Anything from tag to duck, duck, goose! Just have fun with them and you’ll forget it is even exercise.
  3. Pick a nice local restaurant close by and walk with your loved one to date night or Sunday lunch.

Remember, reaching a healthy lifestyle is more than just hitting the same fitness goal over and over. After these tips help you reach your goal until it even feels normal getting there, crank it up a notch! If you increase your goal every time you reach it, you will be running, cycling and smiling in a multisport fitness club in no time!
Happy Stepping!

5 Things Most Girls Don’t Know About Straightening Their Hair

hair straightening brushGirls love having smooth, straight and silky hair; even girls with the most gorgeous locks like to run a straighten iron or brush through their hair every now and then to achieve the perfects straight hairstyle! Weather for casual, everyday hairstyles or special events, we want your hair to look absolutely gorgeous. But at the same time, we want to make sure that you keep your hair strong and healthy! Here are a few things that many girls don’t, but should know about straightening their hair.

Your Shampoo & Conditioner makes a Difference

Using shampoo and conditioner that promotes silky, smooth and straight hair will help calm the frizz and simplify the process of straightening your hair.

You can Prevent Losing Volume

Flat irons are designed to make your hair stick straight, taking away your natural volume. Opt for straightening your hair with a hair straightening brush. A wonderful ceramic brush smooths and styles your hair without flattening it, leaving it full of body and shine!

Low Heat isn’t “Better for Your Hair

Don’t be deceived into thinking that low heat is less harmful to your hair. Usually, the low heat straighteners don’t come with ceramic plates; plus, because you end up going over your hair multiple times with a flat iron, so you actually cause a lot more damage to the ends of your hair.

Heat Protection is Crucial

Protect your hair by using a good hair protection spray or gel, as this prevents your hair from getting damaged. However, never use hair serum before applying any heat to your hair as heat serum is a type of oil, which will heat up too much during heat styling and can literally fry your hair!

Cool Your Hair Off

No one ever uses the cool setting on their hairdryer, unless they are drying their hair super slowly; however, this (often overlooked) setting can be used to help set your hair in place. Once you’re done straightening your hair, blow dry it on the cool setting to keep your hairstyle set in place.

10 essential beauty products every girl must-have!

straightening brushLadies, we all know that getting ready every morning isn’t easy - but it sure is fun! Here are ten beauty products that will make your daily routine a little smoother; because getting ready to take on the world should be exciting!

 BB cream

Lighter on your skin than foundation and with the guaranteed benefit of a moisturiser, coverage and treatment of blemishes, BB cream is a must.

Beauty blender

Never heard of this one? Use one of these egg-shaped makeup sponges and your foundation will come out looking flawless.

 Waterproof mascara

You can’t go wrong here. A quick sweep of waterproof mascara on your lashes and you’re good to go for hours no matter the weather.

 Lip balm

This one seems like a no-brainer, but ladies lip balm! Dry lips are painful, and applying lipstick to dry lips shows up the dryness. Basically, keep lip balm on you at all time.

 Hand cream

On a similar note, don’t neglect your hands. Remember to keep and use a good moisturising cream regularly for your hands!


Don’t be afraid to splurge on a good quality perfume that will last all day. Or at the very least remember your deodorant! There’s nothing better than leaving the house knowing that you smell nice.

 Hair straightener

A ceramic straightening brush is a must-have for a quick and flawless look. A few sweeps with the straightening brush and you’ll be on your way with a sleek, shiny hairstyle.

Hair serum

Treat your hair like gold! Good quality hair serum is a necessity, ladies. Put a tiny dot of serum on your palm and run your hands through your hair – it’ll shine all day.


Clean, clean, clean! Find a cleanser or a face wash that works for you. Makeup and daily grime blocks your pores and causes blemishes, so make sure you wash your face twice a day.


Most women neglect to moisturise their face unless it’s feeling dry – don’t wait that long. Moisturise your face every time you wash it (which should be twice a day!).

How ready are they for primary school?

kids gps watchSeeing your child in school uniform for the first time must have had your heart melting to the floor. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch them grow up. Unfortunately this blissful feeling comes with a peculiar kind of distress- one only a parent will understand.

Maybe you are scared your child doesn’t make friends, or has a horrible teacher, or absolutely despises school? Don’t fret, it’s completely natural to have these overwhelming feelings! They will fade in due time. But until your nerves have settled, read these 4 tips on getting your kid ready for their first day in the big world.

  1. Put them in control

Now is the perfect time to teach your child about etiquette and self-discipline. It’s normal to put her clothes out for her, or prepared her breakfast, but she has to experience the joy of doing things on her own! Let her get dressed by herself, carry her own schoolbag and, if possible, let her try do her own hair. This journey is vital for the development of routine and order.

  1. Pack healthy

It is extremely important for your child to have a healthy diet. Starting school is a very big step- it is physically and mentally demanding. Having nutritious meals and snacks will boost your child up enough for him to remain focused, energetic and happy. Honey, almonds, peanut butter, high protein foods, water and fruit are exceptionally important. Don’t let your kids get hooked on sugary, unhealthy snacks! One, small treat a day is enough. View a few creative ways to pack your child healthy lunches!

  1. Know where they are

If you feel that your child is too young to have a cellphone, but you worry about where she is and if she is okay, invest in a GPS Kids Watch. This is not a stalking mechanism, nor does it go against the notion of freedom and trust. It is a safety mechanism that she can have on her whenever you feel necessary, like on a school outing or at a friend’s birthday party in a busy mall. See all the benefits of a tracker watch and get one for your child today.

  1. Be there

The whole first week, maybe even month of school, he is going to come home as excited as a hyper monkey. Even if you have had a long day and all you want to do is rest in dim light and quiet surroundings, make sure he knows that his happiness and excitement is noticed and appreciated by you. Ask a ton of questions, laugh at things that aren’t so funny, and most importantly, listen attentively to anything he has to share. The happier he is to go to school and to achieve, the better he will handle school in later stages!


Does the La Mené Brush Beat Straightening Irons? Yes. Every time.

Ceramic Straightening BrushWe’ve all been there. You’re getting ready for a night out –it’s a first date and you’re excited to see him. You know you’ve just got enough time to get home and get ready before meeting him. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but you suspect that things might just go according to plan – why wouldn’t they?

The thing about first dates, though, is that Murphy’s Law normally reigns supreme. This man’s law is indifferent to any preparations you’ve made. What can happen, will happen? Even if you do get through everything you wanted to, you might end up pressed for time trying to do everything seamlessly, anyway (and, because overthinking). All in all, trying too hard on a first date always spells out d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r.

So, you’re a little stressed and you’ve left straightening your hair for last, because that’s the easy part, right? It was the easy part, yes. But you no longer have 20 minutes or more to spend on straightening your hair, so you rush it. Bad move – Murphy can smell fear. But you realize that you look fine afterwards and you were just feeling paranoid for some superficial reason – until you catch a glimpse of the back of your head later that night and realise it isn’t straight at all.

First dates, then, are things that are far, far beyond our control, so don’t break your back trying to get everything right. A ceramic brush from La Mené can straighten your hair in five minutes (or even three), unlike struggling to do a thorough job with a straightening iron! Why don’t you take a look at how great they really are?

  • A ceramic brush can straighten damp hair, leaving hair more protected to heat damage and helping it retain its shine. This also saves so much time!
  • Because it doesn’t sear your hair, like straightening irons do, they protect it from frizzing. It also doesn’t heat to higher than 185 ̊ and straightens your hair quickly, limiting the heat exposure your hair gets.
  • The ceramic plates also heat your hair evenly, so that you don’t have to run over your already straightened hair to get at those stragglers who still aren’t straight yet. These plates also help seal off split ends and lock in moisture, which actually helps your hair stay healthy rather than damage it!

If you’ve yet to see how this brush works, take a look at our video illustrating it!

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gifts for Men

VR Shinecon 360 Gear

Clip your smartphone into our popular VR glasses and enjoy hours of fun. This is a fantastic gift for men who, ultimately, are still boys who love toys!

Price: R399.00

VR Shinecon 360 gear


Any man in your life will appreciate lying down on a Lay-Bag on the beach, in the garden or by the pool with an ice cold drink! Easy to set up and with the ultimate comfort provided, the Lay-Bag is definitely recipe for gift success.

Price: R399.00


Christmas Gifts for Women

La Mené Straightening Brush

All woman have been raving about straightening brushes. Why not buy the special lady in your life a La Mené Straightening Brush and watch her turn her hair into a picture-perfect style.

Price: R 799.00

La Mené Straightening Brush

MC Mini Jumpstarter Pack

These nifty, sleek mini jumpstart packs are a perfect gift, especially for women who travel alone. Let your lady carry one of these in her handbag and she will stay safe for sure!

Price: R599.00

MC Mini Jumpstart Pack

Christmas Gifts for Kids

iGlide Hoverboard

Yes, hoverboards are still on plenty of kids’ Christmas wish lists! Let them glide into the new year smoothly with one of these super fun toys.

Price from: R4299.00

iGlide Hoverboard

Quad Copter Drone

These very fun-to-play-with drones are safe to fly in and out- doors. Kids can have fun for hours on end with these toys!

Price from: R700.00

Quad Copter Drone

View Exclusive Brands Online’s Festive Deals

5 Fun Games to Install on Your VR Shinecon Headset

Shinecon VR HeadsetDon’t know what you want for Christmas? We do! The Shinecon VR headset is the perfect device to ask for! The number of awesome apps and games available for this state-of-the-art headset are increasing by the day. Take a look at the awesome VR apps we suggest you try out!

Hitman Go: VR Edition

Try the modernised strategy-based board game, Hitman Go, in virtual reality!

Please Don't Touch Anything

Please Don't Touch Anything is a vamped up puzzle game. If you enjoy looking for clues and solving riddles, this is definitely a must-have game for you.

BombSquad VR

Created as a god’s eye board game-style VR game, BombSquad VR is an inexpensive game that you can enjoy on your Shinecon VR Headset.

Smash Hit VR

Smash Hit VR is a free arcade game that you can enjoy playing for hours on end.

Dead Secret

Dead Secret, a mystery thriller, is an addictive investigation VR game.

Tell us which VR games you enjoy!

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GPS Kids Watch: the Pros Outweigh the Cons

GPS Kids Watch At some point, every parent has to let go of their children just a little bit and allow them to experience the world on their own behalves. But that doesn’t mean that we can ever stop caring about the safety of our children. Many people are against the idea of tracking children with GPS Kids Watches, but honestly, the pros outweigh the cons, and here is why:

  • We live in a country where it is better to be safe than sorry. A GPS Kids watch not only gives you the closure of knowing exactly where your child is, but also features an SOS button that will immediately alert you when your child is in trouble.
  • You can feel less frantic about your child’s safety when going to an airport, sporting event, public park or even somewhere on holiday. If you feel uncomfortable with keeping track of your children with a GPS, then have the choice of only letting them wear one on occasions where you are going to these busy areas.
  • Since the watch is safely attached to the wrist, your child is much less likely to lose or misplace it. This also means that in case your child does go missing, you do not have to run around on a tangent ghost-trail, only to find their tracking device somewhere deep inside a school bag.
  • You can also teach your children that surveillance is, unfortunately, a part of life. It is important to explain to your child that even though you do really trust him/her, we are pretty much being tracked through all of our devices these days and that it does not mean harm.
  • The GPS Kids Watch is multifunctional and means that you can teach your children about reading and keeping track of time from an early age.
  • You can also use the tracking device to count how many steps you take in a day. This feature is a fun way of teaching children how to keep track of their physical activity.


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