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LungShield Oxygen Enhancer 30 Caps HM SALE

LungShield Oxygen Enhancer 30 Caps

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Lung Shield Oxygen Enhancer 30 Capsules

Detailed Description:
Each capsule contains: Alpha lipoic acid - 100mg. Lycopene (10%) - 0.5 mg. Zinc gluconate - 2.1 mg. Manganese AAC 10% - 0.4 mg. Chromium AAC 10% - 0.025 mg. Magnesium citrate - 38.4 mg. Copper AAC 10% - 0.1mg. Boron AAC 10% - 0.1 mg. Molybdenum AAC 10% - 0.025 mg. Vitamin B12 - 0.01 mg. Vitamin D3 - 500 iu.

LungShield helps to protect the lungs and reduce oxidative stress caused by cigarette smoke, fuel emissions, airborne chemicals and other harmful free radicals. The ingredients contained in LungShield have also shown to reduce damage caused to the lungs by harmful chemicals. During exercise the respiratory system works harder than usual. Airborne pollutants are inhaled in greater quantities and at a faster rate, placing your lungs at greater risk of oxidative stress and resultant damage. The lack of oxygen in these circumstances also decreases performance. LungShield enables you to get more out of your training. Oxidative stress plays an important role in the development of respiratory diseases caused by chronic inflammation. LungShield acts as a supportive treatment of the severity of symptoms associated with asthma, COPD, bronchitis, smokers lungs and lower respiratory infections. Helpline: 010 109 1665.

Pack size:
30 Capsules

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