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lego lego LEGO® Batman Movie Scarecrow Fearfull Face-off -70913 SALE
lego lego LEGO® Batman Movie Scarecrow Fearfull Face-off -70913 SALE

LEGO® Batman Movie Scarecrow Fearfull Face-off -70913

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Scarecrow is dropping fear gas bombs from his dangerous Gyro-Copter.

Attach Batman's jetpack, adjust the boosters and power into the sky to intercept him. Aim the grappling gun at the Gyro-Copter's spinning rotors and take down the villain. Only you can stop Scarecrow before he blows up the power plant.


  • 2 Mini-figures:
  1. Scarecrow
  2. Batman
  • Scarecrow's Gyro-Copter features:
  1. Top and rear spinning rotors
  2. An adjustable rudder
  3. Two bomb-drop functions
  4. Three translucent-green fear gas bomb elements
  • The power plant mini build has space for a fear gas bomb element and an explode function

-Also includes:

  • Batman's jetpack with Batwings
  • Two adjustable boosters with translucent flame elements
  • Batman's grappling gun


  • Dimensions: 191mm x 141mm x 46mm
  • Weight: 0.16g

- Age: 6 years and older

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