The VR Shinecon 360 3D Gear is on Special

VR Shinecon 360 3D Gear Anyone who had tried the VR Shinecon Glasses will tell you that it’s an awesome virtual reality experience. The VR glasses offer a breathtaking encounter by enabling you to immerse yourself into virtual worlds.

We want you to take gaming and visual exploration to another level, which is why we are making the amazing VR glasses easily accessible on our website, Exclusive Brands Online.

Here are the 3 top advantages of the VR Shinecon 360 3DGear:

Can Be Used With Multiple Devices

The glasses can be used with various phone types, including Samsung 6, iPhone 5s, LG G3 and various other devices with a screen size from 4.7’’ to 6.0’’ You can adjust the lens to fit your eyes.

Comfortable Fit

The elastic band design and the padded frame allows for an easy, comfortable fit on your head. The overall structure of the glasses is extremely light and, at the same time, very robust.

The special design of the glasses reduces pressure around your eyes, allowing you to enjoy the experience with no pain or discomfort.


The real power of the VR Shinecon glasses lies in its price. Once you purchase the glasses, all you need to do is download a VR game or VR app to your smartphone. If you want to buy one of these amazing VR glasses, check out Exclusive Brands Online’s special for the VR Shinecon 360 3D Gear.

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