The Exclusive Motorsport iGlide: Top 4 Facts

Self-balancing scooters are becoming ever more popular with technological advancements allowing comfortable indoor as well as outdoor enjoyment, not to mention multitasking capabilities with built-in Bluetooth – giving you the opportunity to listen to your favourite playlist whilst balancing away.







Have a look at the following 5 facts as to why the iGlide is the perfect recreational form of transportation:

  1. Eco-friendly and sustainable

By purchasing the iGlide, you can rest assured that you won’t be damaging the environment while enjoying your new ride. We believe in sustainability by causing zero pollution or fuel consumption – giving you a clean conscience.

  1. Safe to maneuver

We’ve made the iGlide safe to use by individuals of all ages, with a maximum cruise speed of 10 – 15 km/h. However, in the unlikely event that you may fall off, the iGlide stops automatically – preventing unnecessary damage.

  1. High load capacity

The iGlide has a maximum weight capacity of 130kg – making it convenient for most individuals to enjoy. It’s strong and durable to withstand the outdoors, depending on which scooter you choose to purchase.

  1. Easy to transport

Due to its size and weight of 10-12kg, the iGlide is easily transportable – giving you the opportunity to choose your setting. The best part is you can enjoy a lengthy ride of 30km without interruptions after a full battery charge, so don’t forget to prepare for your fun day out!

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