The Difference between the V1 and V3 iGlide

HoverboardThere is a significant price difference between the iGlide version 1, and the latest version, and, while essentially they do the same thing, there are a few notable differences. Where you want to adventure to will determine which of our iGlides is right for you.

Firstly, all of our iGlides come with a 12-month warranty and are installed with a trusted LG battery – so safety and product problems are not something you will need to worry about.  With both products, the hover board automatically switches off as soon as control is lost to ensure safe and stable driving.

Now let’s look at what separates the V3 from the V1 – the main difference is the wheel size and type. The V1 has a 6.5-inch wheel, while the V3 has a bigger, 10-inch wheel. The V3 also has inflatable tires allowing it to be used both on and off-road and making it the ideal hover board for those who like to take the path less travelled.

Here is a table showing some of the other differences between the two models.



Net weight 10kg

Net weight 13.5kg

Maximum cruising speed 15km/h

Maximum cruising speed 20km/h

Pedal height 110mm

Pedal height 270mm

Chassis clearance 30mm

Chassis clearance 70mm

The V3 iGlide is clearly the tougher, rugged option for the outdoor-loving person. The wheels are bigger, tires are fit for off-road travelling, and the hoverboard is bigger and stands higher. This is not to say that the V1 is not a good choice – the V1 is the perfect choice for city-orientated users who are more likely to be cruising along tar roads and cement surfaces.

The V3 does, however, come in much funkier colour options with a choice of black, graffiti, or carbon fibre patterns. The V1 comes in solid colours of red, green, blue, and silver.

For more information on the different versions of our IGlide self-balancing scooter please visit our website.

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