How to Use a La Mené Straightening Brush

Hair straightening brush Discover new hairstyles with La Mené, the ceramic brush that uses 3D technology to straighten your hair in minutes. It’s as simple as brushing your hair with a normal brush, but will leave it straight and silky smooth in no time. Follow these simple steps for optimal results.

Step 1

Make sure that your hair is dry by leaving it to air dry or by using a blow dryer. If your hair is still wet, high temperature can singe your hair and this could cause your hair to dry out and look unhealthy in the future.
Tip: If your hair is extremely curly, using a blow dryer first is recommended. A blow dryer will flatten out most of the curls which will speed the process extravagantly.

Step 2

Having this 2-in-1 accessory means easy styling and quick straightening. However, getting rid of bigger, stubborn knots before starting will ensure that your brush doesn’t get damaged by unwanted elf locks.

Step 3

Simply turn La Mené on using the on button, and wait a minute for the light to go green so that you know it’s reached its maximum heat.

Step 4

Work in small sections and go over each section of hair 3-4 times. Start from your roots down to the tips of your hair with slow strokes. The ceramic surface will protect your hair from heat damage, so make sure your hair reaches the inner bristles on the brush’s surface.
Tip: Pulling your hair away from your face while brushing it and pausing for a little while longer at the tips will help your hair obtain a neatly straightened finish.

Straightening the back of your hair is as easy as straightening the sections visible to you; all you have to do is brush it slowly and naturally, focusing on the roots to get rid of big bumps, tangles and frizzy curly fries.

Step 5

Say goodbye to undesired ponytail and bedhead waves and crimps, and say hello to effortless gorgeous hair every day with this amazing hair straightening brush!

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