How ready are they for primary school?

kids gps watchSeeing your child in school uniform for the first time must have had your heart melting to the floor. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch them grow up. Unfortunately this blissful feeling comes with a peculiar kind of distress- one only a parent will understand.

Maybe you are scared your child doesn’t make friends, or has a horrible teacher, or absolutely despises school? Don’t fret, it’s completely natural to have these overwhelming feelings! They will fade in due time. But until your nerves have settled, read these 4 tips on getting your kid ready for their first day in the big world.

  1. Put them in control

Now is the perfect time to teach your child about etiquette and self-discipline. It’s normal to put her clothes out for her, or prepared her breakfast, but she has to experience the joy of doing things on her own! Let her get dressed by herself, carry her own schoolbag and, if possible, let her try do her own hair. This journey is vital for the development of routine and order.

  1. Pack healthy

It is extremely important for your child to have a healthy diet. Starting school is a very big step- it is physically and mentally demanding. Having nutritious meals and snacks will boost your child up enough for him to remain focused, energetic and happy. Honey, almonds, peanut butter, high protein foods, water and fruit are exceptionally important. Don’t let your kids get hooked on sugary, unhealthy snacks! One, small treat a day is enough. View a few creative ways to pack your child healthy lunches!

  1. Know where they are

If you feel that your child is too young to have a cellphone, but you worry about where she is and if she is okay, invest in a GPS Kids Watch. This is not a stalking mechanism, nor does it go against the notion of freedom and trust. It is a safety mechanism that she can have on her whenever you feel necessary, like on a school outing or at a friend’s birthday party in a busy mall. See all the benefits of a tracker watch and get one for your child today.

  1. Be there

The whole first week, maybe even month of school, he is going to come home as excited as a hyper monkey. Even if you have had a long day and all you want to do is rest in dim light and quiet surroundings, make sure he knows that his happiness and excitement is noticed and appreciated by you. Ask a ton of questions, laugh at things that aren’t so funny, and most importantly, listen attentively to anything he has to share. The happier he is to go to school and to achieve, the better he will handle school in later stages!


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