Hoverboards are a Hot Trend, but they Shouldn’t be Exploding!

HoverboardThe self-balancing scooter, popularly known as the hoverboard, is an on-going sensation all over the world. Even though these trending boards don’t necessarily “hover”, they do definitely keep kids and even adults entertained for hours.

Unfortunately, the buzz surrounding the gliding boards was not the only thing that set alight. Much of the excitement that has been created by the self-balancing scooters has been dampened by all the stories about the exploding hoverboards.

Some hoverboards began to explode. In the few recorded cases, there were no real similarities between the incidents; some burst into flames while being ridden and others exploded while being plugged to a charger.

Why do the self-balancing scooters explode?

The cheaper rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are prone to defects. With the rising popularity of the boards, the supply and demand increased. Hoverboard manufacturers in China began using the cheaper batteries to lower the board costs. Unfortunately, even a few well-known brands fell victim to the woes of the cheaply manufactured batteries to take advantage of the hoverboard craze and add heat to the market competition.

Many cheap brands are still flooding the market with their cheap components, which, unfortunately, sheds a bad light on the actual legitimate manufacturers and suppliers.

The bad quality hoverboards are not an overall reflection of Chinese manufacturing. High-quality products such as Apple products are flown from China to all over the world. However, factories in China has become infamously known to produce “cheap knock-off” products as soon as there’s a trend in the market.

How do you purchase a quality self-balancing scooter?

  • Only purchase boards that have LG or Samsung batteries
  • Buy from a trusted manufacturer that used high-quality components
  • Avoid overcharging your battery
  • Check reviews to make sure that other customers are satisfied with the quality of the scooters
  • Make sure the retailer has a reputable online presence

Our IGlide won’t explode!

Exclusive Motor Sport’s self-balancing scooters do not explode! We supply our self-balancing scooters with quality LG batteries. We offer a 12-month guarantee, a 7-day refund and repairs on our IGlides.- T’s and C’s do apply. Read more about our returns and repairs here.

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Read more about the exploding hoverboards:

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