6 Places that are perfect for a Laybag

6 Places that are perfect for a Laybag

The famous LayBag- it’s not one of those items that end up gathering dust in your cupboard. In fact, a LayBag is one of the most useful purchases anyone can make! Kids, parents, students; you name it. So next time you hang out at one of these 6 places, make sure to take your LayBag with you!

Any place with water.
At the pool, or even at a dam for that matter! It’s basically like having a lilo that is fit for land! Except, unlike a lilo, you don’t need to sacrifice half a lung and two hours of your life to get it blown up. Take your LayBag with you next time you hang poolside and you will be comfortable 24/7.

Grassy adventures.
We all love relaxing under the stars. So romantic. Until the grass makes your skin itchy and you realise your head is on a down-slope; and not to mention the tree root that is jabbing you straight in the kidney. Well, LayBag= problem solved.  Same goes for sunny day picnics with the family! 

Soaking in the sun.
The beach is the first and most important locations for a LayBag. We love digging our toes in the sand but let’s face it, too much sand in awkward places is enough to make you grind through your teeth. Just take a LayBag with you; no sand, no frustration, just pure bliss!

The rougher parties.
It’s the Laybag material’s durability that makes it so ideal for a festival- and the fact that it’s portable too! So, the next time you are having fun at a festival and decide you want to camp out right where you are for the next while, but you don’t want to sit on the floor, just make sure you have your LayBag with you.

Back at work.
At the office; and no, not kidding! Even if it’s just that one Friday at the work braai, your LayBag will be the centre of attention. And, if you have your own office, imagine how nice it will be to kick back in comfort for that 40 minute lunch break! You can quickly roll it back up and hide it in the drawer before your 1pm meeting.

Killing time between classes.
The worst part of a long day on campus is the 2 hour break between classes where you don’t have much to do but you don’t want to go hang out in the library. Sitting on the grass for 2 hours gets dreary and boring. Not if you have a super comfortable seating plan! Taking a LayBag to school or to campus is going to be the best thing to happen to you this year.

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