5 Things Most Girls Don’t Know About Straightening Their Hair

hair straightening brushGirls love having smooth, straight and silky hair; even girls with the most gorgeous locks like to run a straighten iron or brush through their hair every now and then to achieve the perfects straight hairstyle! Weather for casual, everyday hairstyles or special events, we want your hair to look absolutely gorgeous. But at the same time, we want to make sure that you keep your hair strong and healthy! Here are a few things that many girls don’t, but should know about straightening their hair.

Your Shampoo & Conditioner makes a Difference

Using shampoo and conditioner that promotes silky, smooth and straight hair will help calm the frizz and simplify the process of straightening your hair.

You can Prevent Losing Volume

Flat irons are designed to make your hair stick straight, taking away your natural volume. Opt for straightening your hair with a hair straightening brush. A wonderful ceramic brush smooths and styles your hair without flattening it, leaving it full of body and shine!

Low Heat isn’t “Better for Your Hair

Don’t be deceived into thinking that low heat is less harmful to your hair. Usually, the low heat straighteners don’t come with ceramic plates; plus, because you end up going over your hair multiple times with a flat iron, so you actually cause a lot more damage to the ends of your hair.

Heat Protection is Crucial

Protect your hair by using a good hair protection spray or gel, as this prevents your hair from getting damaged. However, never use hair serum before applying any heat to your hair as heat serum is a type of oil, which will heat up too much during heat styling and can literally fry your hair!

Cool Your Hair Off

No one ever uses the cool setting on their hairdryer, unless they are drying their hair super slowly; however, this (often overlooked) setting can be used to help set your hair in place. Once you’re done straightening your hair, blow dry it on the cool setting to keep your hairstyle set in place.

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