10 essential beauty products every girl must-have!

straightening brushLadies, we all know that getting ready every morning isn’t easy - but it sure is fun! Here are ten beauty products that will make your daily routine a little smoother; because getting ready to take on the world should be exciting!

 BB cream

Lighter on your skin than foundation and with the guaranteed benefit of a moisturiser, coverage and treatment of blemishes, BB cream is a must.

Beauty blender

Never heard of this one? Use one of these egg-shaped makeup sponges and your foundation will come out looking flawless.

 Waterproof mascara

You can’t go wrong here. A quick sweep of waterproof mascara on your lashes and you’re good to go for hours no matter the weather.

 Lip balm

This one seems like a no-brainer, but ladies lip balm! Dry lips are painful, and applying lipstick to dry lips shows up the dryness. Basically, keep lip balm on you at all time.

 Hand cream

On a similar note, don’t neglect your hands. Remember to keep and use a good moisturising cream regularly for your hands!


Don’t be afraid to splurge on a good quality perfume that will last all day. Or at the very least remember your deodorant! There’s nothing better than leaving the house knowing that you smell nice.

 Hair straightener

A ceramic straightening brush is a must-have for a quick and flawless look. A few sweeps with the straightening brush and you’ll be on your way with a sleek, shiny hairstyle.

Hair serum

Treat your hair like gold! Good quality hair serum is a necessity, ladies. Put a tiny dot of serum on your palm and run your hands through your hair – it’ll shine all day.


Clean, clean, clean! Find a cleanser or a face wash that works for you. Makeup and daily grime blocks your pores and causes blemishes, so make sure you wash your face twice a day.


Most women neglect to moisturise their face unless it’s feeling dry – don’t wait that long. Moisturise your face every time you wash it (which should be twice a day!).

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